Ayvo Prebiotic Water



Drink in the Goodness

At Ayvo Hydrations our ultimate goal is to improve public health. Thus, we decided that the best way to achieve this by infusing USDA ORGANIC Inulin in water, which can be consumed by everyone.

We kept it simple and clean – just purified water and organic Prebiotic, so that the PreBiotic water can easily fit into everyone’s lifestyle – young and old.

It has been scientifically documented that Prebiotics are fermented in the colon, and support health in many ways.

  • A premium product, packaged at state-of-the-art facility.
  • Certified USDA Organic by Natural Food Certifiers, 2019.
  • Drink chilled for best taste.
  • Shelf-stable.

Ayvo Prebiotic Water
Nutrition Facts

What is in the Ayvo Prebiotic Water?

  1. Purified Water.
  2. Organic Agave Inulin.

How many Calories does each serving has?

Calories per serving (500 ml): 10

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